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6 Reasons: Why Do Parents Choose Bamboo Diapers For Their Newborn?

From head to tiny toes, parents want to protect their babies and provide them with the best. Naturally, that also includes diapers. While disposable diapers are still generally popular, one type stands out from the rest due to its natural qualities and its sustainability. And that is the bamboo diaper.

Fabricated from the plant’s pulp and fibers, bamboo diapers don’t possess allergenic qualities. Being plant-based, they are also biodegradable. Because the bamboo pulp undergoes a process to take on a texture and thickness like cotton, it is also super absorbent like a sponge.

Difference Between Bamboo Diapers And Cloth Diapers:

Bamboo diapers differ from cloth diapers and cotton disposable diapers because of their absorbency and their sustainability. Whereas cloth diapers are eco-friendly, they tend to fall short on absorbency. Plus, they’re not as convenient to use because of the constant laundering. Conversely, in the case of cotton disposable diapers, not all brands stand the test of overnight protection from leakage. Plus, some types even cause allergic reactions in infants. We will soon be covering a detailed blog explaining how bamboo diapers are different from others.

6 Reasons To Choose Bamboo Diapers For Your Newborn

Bamboo diapers present a viable alternative to your run-of-the-mill diaper and are more convenient to use than cloth types. Here are 6 reasons to consider switching to bamboo diapers for your newborns:

Good For Baby’s Skin

Bamboo organic diapers are not only softer but also safer for your baby’s skin. Furthermore, some bamboo diapers are infused with tea tree oil or aloe vera extracts. Both substances are ideal for diapers because they are derived from nature (as opposed to synthetic chemicals) and possess antimicrobial properties along with the bamboo itself. Plus, the breathable interior padding absorbs moisture away from your baby’s skin which allows for proper air flow and prevents diaper rash.


Along with being soft, you can rest easy knowing that your baby won’t be exposed to any harsh, synthetic chemicals. Bamboo diapers, for example, are free of chlorine bleach, which is normally added to the cotton padding in other disposable diapers to give it the bright white hue. When a baby wears general diapers, they are exposed to many harsh chemicals like PVC, latex, phthalates, artificial perfumes, etc. These substances might be absorbed into their skin over time. Luckily, certified organic bamboo diapers won’t give you that worry.


Additionally, like all plant-based diapers, bamboo diapers are also biodegradable. In fact, bamboo fiber takes about 75 days to disintegrate which means they won’t fill up the landfill like other diapers containing artificial substances that take years to decompose or may not even decompose at all. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into the soil.

Naturally Antibacterial

Another advantage that bamboo diapers have over cloth and cotton involve its antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Bamboo fibers have a natural ability to stave off germs that can lead to skin rash or even conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Specifically, the culms of the plant, from which the fibers are extracted, are resistant to microbes and fungus—a self-preservation quality of the plant. This characteristic combined with the breathability of the fibers helps your child’s skin to stay dry and healthy.


When using bamboo diapers for your baby, you’ll notice a big difference in the durability compared to cotton-based diapers. This type of diaper won’t tear easily during a quick change or lose its shape as your baby starts to move around more often. Plus, the back sheet and side panels stay intact overnight, and the elastic doesn’t lose its strength. You might also notice that average cotton diapers tend to get fold over or lose their shape in the diaper bag if any heavier objects press against them. Such is not the case with bamboo diapers.


Finally, you can count on leaving far less of a carbon footprint when using bamboo diapers. The product’s main source, bamboo, doesn’t need any synthetic fertilizer or pesticides. When grown responsibly and correctly, this plant is highly sustainable since rainwater is sufficient for its optimal growth. No extra watering is required. Another excellent characteristic about this plant is how much carbon dioxide it absorbs from the atmosphere—30% more than cotton and most other plants.

Why Choose Bum Bum Bamboo Diapers?

For all the reasons mentioned above, BumBum Bamboo Diapers gives parents an excellent alternative to other standard disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Our award-winning organic diapers are dye and fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Made from natural, plant-based materials, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Bumbum strives to provide the most comfortable, safest diapers for your baby. So, order your first set of bamboo diapers or save and subscribe. After all, a dry and comfortable baby is a happy baby.

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