What is Bumbum

BumBum is family harmony at your doorstep.
We navigate the maze of parenting with you. In a world of overwhelming choices, we are a source of comfort for your household. By addressing your child’s needs, we conveniently relieve you of your mental to-do list.

BumBum is baby step to modern parenthood.


Blossoming family harmony by personalizing and simplifying your child’s needs through a timely, hassle-free process.


To grow with your child, for your child.


Our Story

Today, we live in a fast moving world that does not wait for anyone. Between work and raising a family, we turn to technology to streamline our days for us. BumBum, a hassle-free platform, was created to serve families in their parenting journey. We aspire to become a part of every child’s upbringing. As a turning point for modern parents, BumBum aims to cultivate a bond with your families. Together, we introduce a harmonious, new age of parenting, where we are inspired by your babies, for your babies.

Awards & Accreditation

LBP Best Buy GOLD 2022 (1)

Our Diapers


Eco friendly

Plant-based, natural, free from all the bad stuff


Antibacterial and excellent for sensitive Bumbums. No irritation what so ever!

Soft and breathable

Extremely soft, yet extremely strong. And we can absorb just about anything.

Made without all the bad stuff

• No chlorine

• No Latex

• No PVC

• No antioxidants

• No perfume

• No phthalates

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